Ohio’s Issue 3: Time to End the War on Pot

October 30, 2015

The very definition of fairness is to treat like things in a like manner.   Yet many of our local politicians and the Courier Editorial Board would lump marijuana together with heroin; even as every objective standard would say that marijuana is far more like alcohol.

Simply take every objection to legalizing marijuana and replace the word alcohol and you will see that it is obvious that the opponents of issue 3 favor prohibition.

Prohibition of alcohol did not work.  Prohibition of marijuana is not working and will not work.  The cost of enforcement to the tax payer, the cost to our economy by locking up young people who should be starting their working life as productive members of society, is too high.

You can make a strong case that marijuana is less costly to society and less harmful to individuals than alcohol.  Yet alcohol is perfectly legal and can be purchased at numerous locations throughout our city. The State of Ohio holds a monopoly on the sale of hard alcohol.  We promote and even celebrate the consumption of alcohol while we wage a pointless and costly war on marijuana.

Hypocrisy and bias of our laws regarding the use alcohol and marijuana is not lost on millions of Ohioans.  It is symptomatic of an elite who have completely lost touch with the realities of day to day life.  They have put their personal bias for their drug of choice over the choice of their constituents.  They are so committed to this bias, devoid of any rational justification, that they are willing to arrest and imprison thousands of their own constituents.

Issue 3 may not be the perfect answer, but don’t be fooled by our State Rep. Sprague and State Sen. Hite; they will never support the legalization of marijuana.  Issue 3 is our best hope to bring fairness to our criminal justice system.

This issue is about personal freedom and smaller, less intrusive government.

This pointless and costly war has gone on too long.

You can bring it to an end. I urge you to vote no on issue 2 and yes for issue 3.

Class Warfare in Ohio

November 7, 2011

Kasich characterized public employees as enjoying benefits that many other people do not.

“I’ll bring up a single mom with a couple of kids. She’s working. She doesn’t have good health care. She’s paying a lot of money for it. She doesn’t have a guaranteed pension. If she’s lucky, she has a 401(k). If she’s lucky,” he said. “And we expect her to pay for somebody else that doesn’t want to pay for their own? Is that just? Is that right?”  The Courier, October 11, 2011

If Governor Kasich was working to improve the pay and benefits of the single mother that he described above I think many in Ohio including myself could get behind that.  But this is not what Senate Bill 5 is about.  The Governor and the Republic party are pursuing a divide and conquer strategy of class warfare.  They would pit those who have felling out of the middle class or are desperately trying to maintain their foothold in the middle class, against families that are trying desperately to maintain their foothold or clime their way into the middle class.

It is as brilliant as is crude and cruel, to use our fears about the future to convince us to turn on ourselves.  The Governor like many powerful and wealth in our county are convince that road to stronger US economic is though sacrifice by working family, that the middle class most accept a lower standard of living for the benefit of our nation.  But we need to ask ourselves who really benefits as we pursue this race to the bottom?  Who really benefits from a declining cost of labor, from a declining middle class standard of living?

Don’t take the bait.  If you going to though tough time the road to a better times for you and your family does lie on the path of pulling down your neighbor.  The path to American prosperity is not to lower our wages to meet China’s wages or to match the wages of the lowest pay among us.  This is not time for the middle class to pull itself part.  This is the time to total rethink the raw deal that we have been handed by John Kasich and the Wall St. class.

Stand up for America, stand for the middle class, and stand up for your future.  Vote NO on issue 2.

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