Ohio’s Issue 3: Time to End the War on Pot

October 30, 2015

The very definition of fairness is to treat like things in a like manner.   Yet many of our local politicians and the Courier Editorial Board would lump marijuana together with heroin; even as every objective standard would say that marijuana is far more like alcohol.

Simply take every objection to legalizing marijuana and replace the word alcohol and you will see that it is obvious that the opponents of issue 3 favor prohibition.

Prohibition of alcohol did not work.  Prohibition of marijuana is not working and will not work.  The cost of enforcement to the tax payer, the cost to our economy by locking up young people who should be starting their working life as productive members of society, is too high.

You can make a strong case that marijuana is less costly to society and less harmful to individuals than alcohol.  Yet alcohol is perfectly legal and can be purchased at numerous locations throughout our city. The State of Ohio holds a monopoly on the sale of hard alcohol.  We promote and even celebrate the consumption of alcohol while we wage a pointless and costly war on marijuana.

Hypocrisy and bias of our laws regarding the use alcohol and marijuana is not lost on millions of Ohioans.  It is symptomatic of an elite who have completely lost touch with the realities of day to day life.  They have put their personal bias for their drug of choice over the choice of their constituents.  They are so committed to this bias, devoid of any rational justification, that they are willing to arrest and imprison thousands of their own constituents.

Issue 3 may not be the perfect answer, but don’t be fooled by our State Rep. Sprague and State Sen. Hite; they will never support the legalization of marijuana.  Issue 3 is our best hope to bring fairness to our criminal justice system.

This issue is about personal freedom and smaller, less intrusive government.

This pointless and costly war has gone on too long.

You can bring it to an end. I urge you to vote no on issue 2 and yes for issue 3.

Open Letter to the Findlay Rotary Club: Political Preference

September 25, 2012

In May of this year, after reading that Rep. Sprague had addressed the Findlay Rotary Club, I contacted the Rotary to see if there would be interest in letting John Kostyo, who was a declared candidate running against Rep. Sprague for a seat in the Ohio House of Representatives, also address their membership.

I received a call from Lynn Child, the program director for the Rotary Club. Ms. Child informed me that it was the policy of the club not to permit political candidates to promote their campaigns and issues.  Guest speakers are to provide educational presentations like pending legislation.  I replied that Mr. Kostyo was more than able to play by their ground rules.  I was then informed that Mr. Kostyo was welcome to address the membership, but the earliest date open for a speaker was in December.

After reading the story in today’s (Sept 25th) Findlay Courier “Latta Unsure if Tax Cuts Will Continue”, I feel the campaign for John Kostyo and the public deserves some clarification of the policies of the Findlay Rotary Club in regard to political speakers.  It would seem to me that any talk by any politician, officeholder or candidate is inherently political.  I would also call into question the timing of Rep. Latta address given that we are in the heart of the campaign season.

Let me be clear, the Findlay Rotary Club is a private club and it is well within their rights to invite any speaker at their discretion.  But if the Findlay Rotary Club wishes to present themselves as a public forum for the benefit of the City of Findlay and if the Findlay Courier is going to cover their meetings as a public forum, then it is my belief that the Findlay Rotary Club needs to provide the public and the press with a clear statement of policy in regard to political guest speakers.  It is my perception that the current policy, as expressed and executed, is being manipulated to give a political preference.

See Story in The Findlay Courier: http://www.thecourier.com/Issues/2012/Sep/25/ar_news_092512_story2.asp?d=092512_story2,2012,Sep,25&c=n

Ever The Findlay Courier Wary Of Sprague Amendment

May 25, 2012

Even The Findlay Courier is “wary” of the Constitutional amendment put forward by Ohio State Rep. Robert Cole Sprague.  In an editorial appearing on May 16th, the Courier rejected Rep. Sprague’s support for the “National Debt Relief Amendment” saying in part “Requiring 50 legislatures to enter discussions on the federal budget would only make a bad situation worse”. Rep. Sprague, when The Courier takes sides against a Republican office holder it is time to wake up, smell the coffee and reconsider your support for this ill-advised idea.

Read the whole Courier Editorial here: http://www.thecourier.com/opinion/editoral/2012/May/16/ar_ed_051612.asp?d=051612,2012,May,16&c=e_0

I Accept Homosexuals as Equals, Do You?

February 24, 2012

After reading recent letters to the editor in The Courier (see below), I feel compelled to speak out.  I want to speak to those who may feel unwelcome in the very town in which they live.  Based on those letters, some may draw the conclusion that, as a community, Findlay believes that homosexuality is a sin and an immoral lifestyle.  I say to you that this is simply not true.  There are those of us who support the gay community and open our homes and hearts to our fellow human beings regardless of sexual orientation.  There are those of us who support and understand your lifestyle and know that it is not a matter of choice but a fundamental part of who you are as a human being.  I cannot say how many in Findlay feel as I do, but please know that we are here.

As the Courier sees fit to publish letters of this nature; what is the Courier’s position on the subject of a gay lifestyle and the place of homosexuals in our community?  And where are our political, business, educational and religious leaders on this issue?

Some may say that I have little to lose by taking a public position on this issue, and that is true.  I have chosen, with others, to take the path less traveled in Findlay, in regard to my public support of the gay community.  But if you feel as I do and have a role as a community leader, but choose to remain silent on this issue, then you are complicit in thoughts, words and actions that make gays feel less than equal, in Findlay.  I would ask you – do you have that much to be gained by being silent?  I challenge you to come forward and let your voice be heard.  Be a true leader.

See Letter to the Editor The Courier: http://www.thecourier.com/opinion/2012/Feb/23/ar_let_022312.asp?d=022312,2012,Feb,23&c=let

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