A Thirteen Year Old’s Take on Net Neutrality

My son Jack, wrote and sent this letter to his members of Congress.

Hello. I may be only 13 years old, but Net Neutrality is a major issue for all of us in Findlay, OH, and the millions of Ohioans who use the internet every day. We use the internet every day in our lives, and ending Net Neutrality would only cause prices to hike, bringing down important services (Google, Wikipedia, educational websites like Khan Academy) for many low and middle-class children. Not only that, but the amount of companies and people that rely on Net Neutrality to cost-effectively transmit information is beyond count. By raising internet prices, you are damaging the economy, not fixing it.

Please be aware that Net Neutrality is a major issue for us! Once I am old enough to vote, I am surely not voting for any representative or senator against Net Neutrality. And I am sure that in the “Internet Age”, the vast majority of my classmates that use websites to research, socialize, and connect with their peers will be none too happy with internet prices rising and censorship reigning in the new digital industry.

Not only that, but the absence Net Neutrality could easily lead to censorship. If a cable provider deems a website “against its cause”, and cable providers are famously some of the least trustworthy companies in America, they could simply raise the prices on that website. Creating bundles, like on television, would raise the bar extremely high for new startups, and as we all know internet startups are one of the most important and lucrative new industries. Abandoning them is a fool’s errand.

In short, repealing Net Neutrality will benefit no one aside from a few cable company CEOs, and would be by far the worst choice economically and societally. Not only that, but the vast majority of Americans are against this greedy act. We must do what we can to resist Chairman Pai and protect digital freedom.

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