God Not Allowed in School?

Being posted from time to time on Facebook there is a picture of a T-shirt with massage provide below (in italic) and below is my response.

Dear God,

Why do you allow so much violence in our schools?


A Concerned Student

Dear concerned Student,

I’m not allowed in schools.


While I understand that the sentiment above comes from a place of faith and a concern for the safety of children,  I find its core message highly objectionable.  It seems that this message is referring to the absence of organized prayer in our public schools.  It clearly suggests that those of us who do not feel that it is government’s business to support (or discourage) any religious belief system are complicit in school violence.

I am reminded that the Pilgrims came to America to escape persecution by a state sanctioned religion and that millions of people have come to America to practice their religion without the interference or persecution by government, either a state sanctioned religion, including various forms of fundamentalism or by a state imposed atheism.  It is not the place of our public schools to lead our children in any religious practice.

Second, I find it hard to believe that any just and loving God would fail to protect children from violence because of decisions made about religious freedom, that are beyond their control.

It is my understanding of the Christian religious tradition, in which I was raised, that God is in all places, at all times and that any prayer, from any source, from any place, is always heard.  That God could not be kept out of any school by any earthly power.

While I respect your right to post anything on FB that you believe expresses your personal views, I feel that I must state that I find the below statement contrary to religious freedom.  I find it not to be in line with my understanding of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ, and I find it to be highly insensitive, huntful and morally objectionable.

2 Responses to God Not Allowed in School?

  1. Frank Beier says:


    I think the point is to justify the loss of moral code in our society that is taught through religious instruction. Moral code is not taught in schools because it requires a recognition of a “Higher” power. Today schools only discuss secular views and do not cover theist views for fear of the ACLU knocking on their doors. If the joke has you believing this is an attack against secularism, it is. Is it laying blame at the feet of our educators for the downfall of a moral society? Yes, I’m sure it is. Schools have become the institution for installing ethics and morals because too many parents have abdicated this responsibility. As far as a loving God goes, this is the contradiction we must all reconcile with in regards to free will. It is a double edge sword. Last, what about ABORTIONS? Do these children not fit your views? Seems to me Liberals want to customize their theology to fit their world views and their conscious. What ever it takes to make them sleep better. Maybe we do need to include time in school for moral and religious instruction. Let the students select from an offering of religious instruction and make it part of their curriculum.

    Just my view.


    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Stella says:

    It is not surprising that this commentary comes from a Democrat – considering that the DNC took GOD out of their platform and it took three votes to get GOD back into their platform and when it was, GOD WAS BOOED!!!! America made her choice. With the re-election of President Obama, the slaugher of unborn babies will continue – we have a president who support partial birth abortion – undoubtedly the cruelest method of the killing of unborn babies. No, this commentary coming from a Democrat is not surprising at all.

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