Mayor Mihalik Responses to Fire Station Concerns Raised by Citizens for Findlay

Editor’s Note: Below is the text of a mass e-mail send out by Findlay Mayor Lydia Mihalik under the title Lydia’s Letters  (

Did you know…?

Findlay Fire Department

In a continuing effort to ensure that The City of Findlay is providing the citizens the most cost effective and efficient form of fire protection, we are currently evaluating the risks that our community faces as well as what resources we have available to respond to those risks.  Station placement, personnel, risk location, new ISO standards and apparatus capabilities will be matched to the risks this community faces.  Once the evaluation is completed and we are able to analyze the data relative to our available budget dollars we will make a determination as to the future of Findlay Fire Department operations. 

Fire Station #4 has been mentioned in the Town Hall meeting.  Its proximity to risk levels are being examined.  At one point in time significant planned growth on the East side of town drove the need to construct an additional station.  Much of the planned growth has not taken place.  It is only logical that we examine the need for a continued operation at this location.

I have been clear that we are committed to examining all of our operations and this happens to be an example of one of the evaluations we are currently conducting.

I am proud of the work that our Fire Department carries out every day.  They are always there when we need them.  Through these potential efficiencies I am confident that we will be better positioned to respond to our risks. It is my goal is ensure that our families are kept safe and that we have adequate emergency response capabilities.

As always, please feel free to contact me directly if you have any additional questions.


Signed Lydia Mihalik

One Response to Mayor Mihalik Responses to Fire Station Concerns Raised by Citizens for Findlay

  1. Don says:

    Mihalik only admits to problems and possible solutions when the truth comes out. She is as transparent as muddy water.

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