Latta, Come On, Name That Regulation

Despite the constant din of complaining from the GOP about how regulations are destroying our country, Rep. Latta comes up short on specifics.  There is a reason why Rep. Latta hides behind a nebulous cloud of generalities.  The word regulation has a negative connotation; no one likes rules.  But let’s be adult for a minute, rules are for our protection.  So until Latta names the regulations and how they unfairly harm business, he may think he is winning the argument, but it is really just childish whining.

So to Rep. Latta I say – “put up or shut up”.  Mindless rhetoric isn’t helping anyone.  All laws are a form of regulation.  What makes a good congressperson is the quality of the laws that he/she supports and passes. “REGULATIONS ARE BAD” is not sound public policy.  If this is the level of reasoning that we can expect from Rep. Latta in Washington, then I say we need a change.

Vote Angela Zimmann for Ohio’s Fifth District!

See Rep. Latta’s comments here:,2012,Aug,14&c=n

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