Where Does The Courier Stand on Findlay Law Director’s Office

I wish The Courier’s editorial board would have had the benefit of hearing, in person, the compelling presentations by Mr. Jaffee and Mr. Kostyo at the last city council meeting. I think they would find that Mr. Jaffee and Mr. Kostyo make a much stronger argument that the Findlay Law Director has been overpaid for quite some time, than The Courier’s reporting, or their editorial on the subject would lead their readers to believe.

The Courier’s editorial board also failed to address or take a clear stand on the issues raised at the city council meeting regarding the financial management of the City Law Directors office.

I would like to know where The Courier’s editorial board and our elected city officials stand on these key questions. Is the Law Director overpaid? What are the criteria that city council should use to set salaries of the Law Director (and other elected officials)? Why should the Law Director have the option of a full or part-time position? Should the Law Director be allowed to pursue employment outside his work with the city? Should the city be providing health benefits to part-time employees of the Law Directors Office?

Mr. Jaffee and Mr. Kostyo provided reasoned and well thought out answers to most of those questions that did not reconcile with Findlay City current policies. Now, I would love to hear from someone in the Findlay City government or the The Courier’s editorial board. Talk to us.

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