Cronyism in Findlay City Government

In Findlay city council chambers last night (Nov. 1, 2011), Mr. Jaffee and Mr. Kostyo exposed the cronyism and unprofessionalism at work in our city government.

It was clear, by the evidence presented by Mr. Jaffe and Mr. Kostyo, that City Council had not done their homework in setting the salaries for the city office holder. It is also clear that the City Law Director has been grossly overpaid for many years and that City Council intended to continue that “tradition”.

I found Councilman Ward’s assertion that the interest in the City Law Director’s salaries was motivated by the “election” telling and galling, Mr. Ward, that is why we have elections, to hold our elected officials accountable. It seems that Mr. Ward and others on City Council are not comfortable having their decision-making processes questioned by the public or the democratic process.

On another subject, when a Council member asked the City Law Director how the negotiations with the county on funding flood studies are moving forward, Mr. Hackenberg replied that the contract was sent over to the county three weeks ago and that nothing had been heard, which begs the question of why Mr. Hackenberg could not have picked up the phone and called somebody at the county. It seems that once again, the communication between the city and county has broken down on the single most important issue facing our community.

Last night’s City Council meeting was a case study on how the good old boy network and one party rule is failing the citizens of Findlay and Hancock County.

See Article in the Findlay Courier:,2011,Nov,02&c=n#__comments

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