Maumee Conservancy District More Reasonable?

After a six- judge panel rejected the effort to form a Blanchard River Conservancy District, the proponents of the Conservancy District concept, led by the Northwest Ohio Flood Mitigation Partnership, wasted no time taking up their case with the Maumee Conservancy District.  The great news for land owners in the Blanchard Valley watershed is that according to comments made by officials of the Maumee District, reported in the Putnam County Sentinel, the Maumee District plans a more reasonable and measured approach to the flood controls in Findlay and Ottawa.

Lynn Army, one of the three board members of the Maumee Conservancy District, stated that the board would NOT go before the 15 judges of Maumee Conservancy District until the General Investigation Study (GIS) was completed and a general description of the work, its’ cost and all of their appraisals and assessments were lined up.  (This key point was not reported in The Findlay Courier; please see the article in the Putnam County Sentinel. Link provided below.)

The Flood Partnerships refusal to wait for the GIS and the Flood Partnership planed to move forward the Conservancy District, without any estimates of the cost, or a formula for the assessments to pay for flood controls, has always been my (and many others) major point of contention with the Flood Partnership.  This led to the widely held belief that the Flood Partnership was working principally in the best interest of its membership and not in the interest of all the stakeholders in the Blanchard watershed.

While I still believe that our local elected officials should be leading the flood control efforts, I am happy to read that the Maumee Conservancy District seems intent on a more rational and reasonable approach to finding a workable fix for the flooding issues in Findlay and Ottawa.

Let’s hope that the misguided approach of the Northwest Ohio Flood Mitigation Partnership does not have any negative residual effects that will cause a delay in flood controls for our community.

See article in the Putnam county Sentinel:

See article in The Findlay Courier:,2010,Dec,28&c=n

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