A New Beginning for Flood Controls in Findlay

The Conservancy Court rules 4-2 against forming the Conservancy District.  This does not have to be the end of the effort to fix the flooding issue in Findlay.  The Northwest Ohio Flood Partnership took a gamble; they tried to put one over on the tax payers.  They failed, but the damage done to the effort for flood controls in Findlay is not fatal.  The efforts for flood controls can recover from this misstep.

Now is the time for a new beginning with new leadership.  All we are lacking is the leadership to build a real consensus and trust with all the stakeholders.  Who among our elected officials is going to step up and take the bull by the horns?  The Mayor’s office would seem to be the logical choice, but our current Mayor just does not seem to have the will or the means to lead our community.  Mayor Sehnert, I would love it if you would prove me wrong.  If you have it in you, Pete now would be the time to step forward with some real leadership.

Are the Hancock County Commissioners going to step up?  Again I hope they prove me wrong, but I do not see it happening.  Our Commissioners seem happy to hang back and let events unfold around them.

Maybe we will have to wait for the next election.  I hope not.

Whoever is going to step forward and move this process forward needs to balance the need to keep the ball rolling without getting ahead of the process.  The Northwest Ohio Flood Partnership plans went off the rail when they tried to backdoor a funding plan based on taxing the whole watershed without being upfront about what the cost would be to land owners.  Everyone saw through this self interested political maneuvering.

We need to be patient and wait for the US Army Corp of Engineers to finish their study, to present a plan and the cost of the flood control.  Then we can build a consensus on the best way to fund the controls.  We can take the time to work out the funding issues without delaying construction.  But we have to start now to repair the damage done by the Northwest Ohio Flood Partnership.   It is time to use the democratic process to build a sense of trust and fairness into our efforts of fixing the flooding problem in Findlay.

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