Mayor Sehnert Saw It Coming

Joy Brown reports in the Courier today that Mayor Sehnert predicted that Tony Iriti would be tapped to lead Findlay and Hancock County’s economic development.  Nice foresight Pete, but now that it has happened, what are you going to do about it?

It is up to the city to decide who represents the city of Findlay’s economic development efforts.  When it comes to economic development, the city and the county are the ones who do most of the heavy lifting.  They make things happen, like roads, water and sewer and finding the funding to pay for all those infrastructure improvements.  Local government also takes the lead securing state and Federal development funding.

So why should the city and county do all of the hard work, only to let GFI and Tony get all of the credit, while GFI’s corporate benefactors control the companies that come to Findlay?

If GFI wants to practice true accountability and transparency, they should provide the public with a list of the names and contribution amounts of their corporate backers.

Economic development should be led by our elected officials, in the public interest.  Mayor Sehnert, it is time to step up.  Do not let “the tail wag the dog”.

See Joy Brown reporting at:,2010,Dec,11&c=n

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