Economic Development Power Grab

Once again, Findlay’s elected officials are dutifully taking the back seat in our community’s economic development efforts.  When is someone in city or county government going to move up to the front seat, where they belong, and do the driving?  Pete, if you have any desire for another term as mayor, now might be a good time to step up and exert yourself as leader of our city, or you could just sit back and let Tony Iriti set up his shadow government.

Why are we turning over the future of Findlay and Hancock County’s economic development; lock, stock and barrel, to a private institution that represents big business – whose interests are not in line with the best interest of our community?  Why would we let current Findlay businesses decide what company will be recruited to do business in Findlay and compete for their customers and employees?  The incentives of economic development and current businesses in Findlay run counter to each other.

Economic development in Findlay and Hancock County needs a strong out-front leadership from our elected leaders who are doing their job looking out for the public good.

Don Iliff’s post, below, goes a long way in explaining why GFI (or whatever they’re calling themselves today) would pick Mr. Iriti to be the head of their new development plan.  He is moving from one job as a paid lobbyist for big business to another job as a lobbyist for big business.

See story at The Courier:

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