Democracy is the Worst

“Democracy is the worst form of Government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.”  Winston Churchill

Mr. Pace and many others in Findlay do not seem to have much patience for the democratic process.   Mr. Pace, democracy is not a straight line. It is open to anyone with a pen or a voice, an opinion and vote.  While not all ideas have the same value, all have the same right to expression.  Democracy is messy and time consuming but if we have the time, and we do have the time, why can’t our elected officials work together to build a true consensus on flood controls?

To move forward on the basis of a 50-year-old flood plan and its estimate of costs, seems fool -hearty.  To move forward without the vaguest idea of how the financial burden of flood controls will be shared, scares people, as well it should.  Mr. Pace, I am not so quick to turn over my money with blind trust as you would like.

And I am not so quick to turn over the public welfare to business.  The business of business is profit. Profit cares not for the common good, for fairness, for the future.  Profit cares only for itself.   I am always amazed at profits ability to believe in the altruism of its self interest.

You may say that I am a cynic, let me assure you, my good fellow, that my cynicism is well-earned and hard paid for.

Mr. Pace you say that “everybody wants flood control but nobody wants to pay for it”.  It is more accurate to say, “some people want flood control and they want someone, anyone, to help pay for it”.

See the Loren Pace letter to the editor:,2010,Nov,29&c=let

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