The Findlay Democrat Needs You!

The Findlay Democrat web site has received over 200 hits so far.  Not a bad start, but I need your help!

The Findlay Democrat Needs Content!

My goal is to have at least one new post each day.  I want to give the followers of The Findlay Democrat reason to stop by daily.  I will do my best to keep up with my writing, but I need your help.  Please send me items that you believe would be of interest to the readers of The Findlay Democrat, like meeting notices and other reminders of interest to local Democrats.  You could also send links to an interesting source of information on the internet.  I would also love to have original articles on national issues or state issues.  The thing that I think readers will find of real interest is writings about the issues of the day in Findlay and Hancock County.

I am open to any original works.  If you disagree with me or writers of other posts, all the better!

I would prefer that all submissions be signed, but I will consider works that are submitted anonymously.  Of course, you are always free to leave a comment on the blog.

Promoting The Findlay Democrat

Help me to promote The Findlay Democrat as the number one source of news and information for Democrats (or anyone) in Findlay, Hancock County and beyond.

One of the easiest and best ways to promote The Findlay Democrat is to write a comment or click the “like” button on the post that I send out on facebook.  This will automatically send a facebook post to all of your friends.  Also, if you read a post on The Findlay Democrat, you can click on the facebook icon at the bottom of each post, follow the quick steps and again, this will send a post with a link of The Findlay Democrat article you just read to all of your friends.

I look forward to reading your submissions soon. (send your submissions to

Jeff Detmer


The Findlay Democrat

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