Northwest Ohio Flood Mitigation Partnership Gone too Far

The Northwest Ohio Flood Mitigation Partnership has led the way on the flooding issues because our elected officials have totally abdicate their responsibility to a private institution that represents the narrow interests of a few corporations.

The Flood Partnership has done some good work but its efforts allow it to control the flood agenda on behalf of its membership.   By pursuing the Conservancy District before building a consensus around the flood plan and it’s financing, the Flood Partnership is acting less like a partnership and more like a corporate lobbying group.

When it comes to solving our flooding issues, there seem to be some in our communities that have a problem with the democratic process; they would prefer that a small group of large corporations should decide how much tax we should pay and who will benefit from the flood controls.

Everyone in the proposed Conservancy District needs to understand one thing:  If this district becomes a reality, the district will raise taxes without your vote.  The Conservancy District has the power under Ohio law to raise your taxes without any vote of the people.

It is my feeling that the land owners of the Blanchard Valley Watershed should have the chance to review the flood plan, understand the cost and to understand their long term tax obligation, before we give a Conservancy District the power to tax us at will.

2 Responses to Northwest Ohio Flood Mitigation Partnership Gone too Far

  1. RJ Tyszawitz says:

    “advocated their responsibility”? Did you mean “abdicate?

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