No to Conservancy District

Below is the Resolution I wrote on behalf the Hancock County Democrat Party concerning the Conservancy District.

Hancock County Democrats Not supporting Blanchard River Conservancy District

Findlay, Ohio, August 10, 2010: At the regular monthly meeting of the Hancock County Democrats, on Monday August 9, 2010, the Party passed the following resolution:

While the Democratic Party of Hancock County is one hundred percent committed to doing whatever is practical and feasible to alleviate the flooding issues in the Blanchard River Valley, we strongly feel that until the Army Corp of Engineers is prepared to present a full and complete plan to our community, the creation of a conservancy district is ill-advised and premature.   The Democratic Party of Hancock County has voted not to endorse the creation of a Blanchard River Conservancy District.

Given the powers of a conservancy district to raise taxes and assessments without the direct consent of the people, it is our opinion that the formation of a conservancy district should only be considered after the voters are given an opportunity to review the complete proposal of the flood plan, its’ costs and the formula by which taxes and assessments will be raised to pay for flood controls

It is the opinion of the Hancock County Democratic Party that the exact amount of taxes and assessments on land owners in the watershed be clearly stated and understood prior to the creation of the conservancy district or any other political subdivision.

The Democratic Party believes that our non-endorsement of the Blanchard River Conservancy District is in keeping with the democratic principles of informed consent of the electorate and taxation of the represented.

It is our hope that the Democratic Party of Hancock County can be a constructive part of a solution to the flooding issues facing our community that is in the best interest of all the stakeholders in the Blanchard Valley watershed.

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