Hello world! What is in a Name!

I chose the name “The Findlay Democrat for two reasons.  First I find that in Findlay that I often feel like I am the only Democrat in the room.  And of course, many times I AM the only Democrat in the room.  But I have come to learn that there are many more Democrats in Findlay than I would have ever believed.

I also believe that because the business community and the Republican Party are so intertwined in Findlay, that many people choose not to identify themselves as Democrats, or they even become Republican in an effort to get along in Findlay.

In some ways, I cannot blame them for giving in to the pressure of a one party town.  For Findlay most definitely is a one party town.  Of all the elected officials that represent Hancock County; from dog catcher all the way up to President, only two are Democrats. One is our Senator Sherrod Brown and the other is, of course, President Obama.  Every local elected official in Hancock County is a Republican.

It is my hope that we can overcome this idea that all of our local community and business leaders, by default, are Republican.  Of course there are many Democrats in Findlay and Hancock County who are working hard to build a better community.

It is my hope that this blog can, in some small way, give voice to those Democrats that feel alone and isolated in Findlay.

The second reason that I chose the name “The Findlay Democrat” is because I hope that this blog can become a counter- weight to “The Republican Courier”.  We all know that the Findlay Courier is a Right leaning newspaper. But even I was shocked at the extent that the Courier would use hard news stories to give advantage to Rep. Hite in his race for the Ohio House. (More posts on that issue coming.)

I think Findlay could benefit from a fresh look at the local politics and local issues facing our community.

It is my hope that you will help me to build an interesting and informative blog for anyone concerned about the future of our community or State and our Nation.

I welcome your submissions and comments.

The Findlay Democrat

One Response to Hello world! What is in a Name!

  1. Nancy Stephani says:

    Thanks for doing this Jeff – there really are quite a few of us out there!

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